Sunday, March 14, 2010

And we had no dreams, we just lived one.

I've heard this song for at least 20 years, having bought the LP sometime in the 1980s, and the CD-reissue circa 1990. The recording linked here was made in 1972:

The band is the Flatlanders. The song is "Keeper Of The Mountain", written by Al Strehli.

Although I've never quite realized it till just now, my question -- especially to all of you artists -- is:

Who the hell keeps covering Hank Williams songs, and Johnny Cash songs, and Woody Guthrie songs,

And keeps leaving this uncovered?

Just what more do you want than:

...and these
these ain't teardrops
(these ain't teardrops)
and it ain't the river
(ain't the river)
just a moment
(just a moment)
the river's not complainin'
oh no
oh no no no.

You will not find any better.

You will not write any better.

So just cover the damned song already.

This is how the folk process works.

(More or less.)


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