Sunday, May 11, 2014

Increasingly Occasional

Somehow happened upon this blog tonight and thought it was probably worth noting that content posted here probably will be very infrequent in the foreseeable future, as the new job at the Austin American-Statesman keeps me plenty busy enough with writing opportunities these days. You can find my stuff quite regularly at, and if you're interested in whatever I may be going on about. (Which mostly will be related to music news and events in the Austin vicinity.)

One parting note, then. When I first started this blog just after Vic Chesnutt's passing in December 2009, the idea was really just to put up a few thoughts about Chesnutt's music and personality. Looking back just now, I came across this list of potential names for the blog that I considered, before narrowing it down to That Magnificent Ghost. All of these are lyric snippets from Vic's songs. I think I'm happy with the choice I went with, but here were the others that lingered for awhile....

dream treefort

strategy not protocol

rabbit box

future stepped into my field

the tar is oozing from my little noggin

stupid preoccupations

primal griping

holding up a sparkler

jigsaw disposition

steeped in the dark isolation

only one of many

shimmer ephemeral

try to skedaddle

a rusty mass of machinations

that magnificent ghost

salient obsession

rambunctious cloud

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